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We are a full time servicing dealer. Our mechanics are employed year round and attend factory sponsored training in order to stay up to date on the latest technology. If you should have a problem, we will be here to take care of it.


Listed below are our two most basic services for 20”-22” walk behind mowers.



SEASONAL MAINTENANCE                                            COMPLETE TUNE UP

$52.95 plus parts                                                            $72.95 plus parts

*Change oil                                                                      Everything listed under Seasonal

Sharpen & Balance Blade                                                       Maintenance, plus:

Scrape grass build up from deck                                 *Replace points and condenser

Replace spark plug                                                         Clean and rebuild carburetor

Check ignition                                                                  Flush gas tank and fuel lines

Check compression                                                        *Remove cylinder head and clean

Clean or replace air filter                                                         carbon from piston and head

*Check and lube drive                                                   *Check valves

Adjust and lube cables                                                   *Replace head gasket

Test run and adjust                                                        *Remove and clean muffler

                                                                                           *Clean exhaust ports

                                                                                            Inspect and adjust governor


Total Average Cost: $65 - $85                                            Total Average Cost: $90 - $125



*Depends on type of mower -- two cycle, four cycle, solid state, self-propelled, OHV, etc.






CHAIN SHARPENING: $6.50 off the saw, $9.50 on the saw, regardless of length.


BLADE SHARPENING: $6.50 off the mower, $12.50 on the mower.

                                *Ninja blades are $9.50 off the mower, $15.50 on the mower.




We also work on blowers (hand-held, back-pack and walk behind), string trimmers,

chainsaws, edgers, and a variety of other things- depending on the brand. Feel free to call with any questions.


We also carry engine parts for: